It snowed here last weekend and so I found myself without plans and with a little pile of unwatched DVDs: time for an indulgent weekend of watching Westerns. Here is a little review of the seven(!) movies I watched: A Fistful of Dollars Clint Eastwood playing the classic western trope of a stranger in town. […]

Writers often get fed up with being asked where they get their inspiration from, but now I have an answer: Rory’s Story Cubes. It’s an amazingly simple toy that consists of nine dice, each with a set of six images. The game is to roll the dice and then find a way to tell a […]

I was working on a new novel last year, a western, but I’m deciding to let that story go. It keeps wriggling out of shape, no matter how hard I try to corral it. I’m reluctant to completely give up on it because I had some really good chapters already done. I imagine I’ll come […]

I have a piece of writing that I was working on nearly two weeks ago that I paused mid-sentence to answer the telephone. I haven’t written anything since. I’ve been lucky enough in my life, until now, never to lose someone close to me. I learned from that phone call that a family member had […]

Plotting a novel is like making a jigsaw puzzle where you have to make all the pieces yourself before you can start putting anything together. A novel length piece of work is hard enough to write without trying to thread an intricate plot through it. I love dropping in a surprising plot twist, but I […]

A reader who enjoyed A Run Of Bad Luck asked me why I wrote about policemen who were corrupt and immoral. I’ve given it a bit of thought and this story best explains how it came about: June 1985, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. There is a full moon and our scout troop is playing what we call […]

I’m delighted to say that all the words came together and I’ve now published my second novel. A Run Of Bad Luck is a Crime Thriller set in the UK. Pete Fairhurst is a former policeman who isn’t making much of a success of being a salesman. Out for a run, he discovers the body […]