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Cover Story

It’s okay, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it’s a new cover. Not a whole new book. They take time and while I do have a new book on the way, this isn’t it. Just a new cover, that’s all: The old cover for my novel A Run Of Bad Luck wasn’t that bad, but people […]

How Fans Are Made

I’ve had month of unprecedented sales of my books in February. I’ve no idea what triggered it, but I’m delighted. It got me wondering about fans and where they come from. Fan Noun An apparatus with rotating blades that creates a current of air for cooling or ventilation. A person who has a strong interest […]

Inspiration from Story Cubes

Writers often get fed up with being asked where they get their inspiration from, but now I have an answer: Rory’s Story Cubes. It’s an amazingly simple toy that consists of nine dice, each with a set of six images. The game is to roll the dice and then find a way to tell a […]

Learning New Emotions

I have a piece of writing that I was working on nearly two weeks ago that I paused mid-sentence to answer the telephone. I haven’t written anything since. I’ve been lucky enough in my life, until now, never to lose someone close to me. I learned from that phone call that a family member had […]

Cutting the Pieces

Plotting a novel is like making a jigsaw puzzle where you have to make all the pieces yourself before you can start putting anything together. A novel length piece of work is hard enough to write without trying to thread an intricate plot through it. I love dropping in a surprising plot twist, but I […]

Corruption and Vice

A reader who enjoyed A Run Of Bad Luck asked me why I wrote about policemen who were corrupt and immoral. I’ve given it a bit of thought and this story best explains how it came about: June 1985, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. There is a full moon and our scout troop is playing what we call […]

A Run Of Bad Luck

I’m delighted to say that all the words came together and I’ve now published my second novel. A Run Of Bad Luck is a Crime Thriller set in the UK. Pete Fairhurst is a former policeman who isn’t making much of a success of being a salesman. Out for a run, he discovers the body […]