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Are You Doing It For Charity?

Do a long bike ride, a 24 hour race, run a marathon or even a half-marathon and the first thing people ask you about it is: “Are you doing it for charity?”. This is how we view endurance sport in society today – endurance sport is¬†something we do to inflict pain on ourselves in return […]

Seeing In The Dark

Today is a significant milestone for me: it’s the first time I have ever done my entire commute, in both directions, running. It’s five and half miles, most of it on muddy footpaths through fields. There’s no question that running on slippery and uneven surfaces and splashing through puddles is harder than road running, even […]

Running in Circles

The clocks are about to go back and there’s a storm forecast for this weekend. High winds and rain. Exactly the sort of weather that I really don’t want to be out cycling in. The alternative, the turbo trainer, isn’t all that appealing either. If I was serious about cycling I’d probably grind it out […]

Are You Reasonably Good At Everything?

This weekend I picked up a trophy at my cycling club’s awards dinner. I have won the B.A.R. trophy (Best All-Rounder – a prize for the fastest average speed over a selection of time-trial distances.*) It’s fantastic to win something, and I feel more part of the club know that I have my name engraved […]

Learning from the Olympics

Watching the Olympics has been entertaining and uplifting. There’s something wonderful about watching athletes at the peak of their game putting all their heart into trying to win on what, for them, is the biggest stage. But can we take more from it that entertainment? Is there something to be learned from these feats of […]

Fun: What happens when things don’t go to plan

Planning is a good thing. Even a poor plan is better than no plan at all. – Mikhail Chigorin But too much planning can make things seem dull and over-rehearsed. Sometimes (or is that most of the time?) our plans go awry. No plan survives contact with the enemy. –¬†Helmuth von Moltke Once the plan […]

Underpants and Mobile Phones

It’s been a while now, but I was reminded this week of the uncomfortable day I had when I got changed after my cycle commute and discovered I’d forgotten something. Packing my work clothes in a hurry and in the dark I’d packed a pair of my wife’s knickers instead of my underpants. That left […]