Running in Circles

The clocks are about to go back and there’s a storm forecast for this weekend. High winds and rain. Exactly the sort of weather that I really don’t want to be out cycling in. The alternative, the turbo trainer, isn’t all that appealing either. If I was serious about cycling I’d probably grind it out on the turbo and put up with it for the next six months. Last year I tried to do that, and instead spent the winter sat indoors looking at the bad weather and the cold and ate too much.

I had a poor season on the bike. I was fast enough to get a couple of PBs in the shorter time-trials but I failed to finish the 24hr event and I put that down entirely to my lazy winter and lack of long training rides.

Proof that I used to run quite a bit

Proof that I used to run quite a bit

So now, for a change, I am going to leave the bike at home when the weather is bad and put on my running shoes instead. I figure it’s more fun running in the wind and rain than it is to cycle, and even a long run will get me home to the warm and dry sooner than a long bike ride. I used to run quite a lot. In fact I found running long before I discovered the joy of long distance cycling. I even have a little stash of medals from several half-marathons and my one marathon back in 2005.

It was the pain of that marathon that made me think that the next step was to try something else besides just running. Maybe triathlon? I bought a bike, did one short triathlon and then quit running altogether to focus on cycling instead. So here I am, coming full circle and returning to running all over again. I’ve already entered my first half marathon…


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