New Year, New Start

I was working on a new novel last year, a western, but I’m deciding to let that story go. It keeps wriggling out of shape, no matter how hard I try to corral it. I’m reluctant to completely give up on it because I had some really good chapters already done. I imagine I’ll come back to it in the future with a fresh approach and maybe find the key something that was missing or else I’ll cannibalise the best ideas for a newer project.

That seems to be theme for me at the moment, making clean starts. The hard disk on the television recorder crashed over Christmas, deleting all the programmes we’d recorded but never watched. I’ve taken the opportunity of a few days off work to spring clean my study. And I’m starting a new novel.

The office spring clean is getting rid of a lot of rubbish and turning up a lot of interesting historical documents that I hadn’t realised I’d kept, not to mention generating an enormous amount of dust. It’s going to take me at least a week to get the room straight again. In the ongoing upheaval, I also seem to have lost the notebook with all the notes about the new novel in it. I’m sure it’ll turn up, but if it doesn’t, I’ll be having to start over with that too.

Losing all that recorded television and, oddly, all my novel notes, seems rather liberating. I was going to write something about how exciting it was to start afresh every now and again, but then I thought what my computer might be like if it too had a fresh start and had a little panic. Now, where did I put that backup disk?


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  1. The scary thing here is that you’re using an actual, paper notebook. How quaint.

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