A Run Of Bad Luck

Wordle: A Run Of Bad LuckI’m delighted to say that all the words came together and I’ve now published my second novel.

A Run Of Bad Luck is a Crime Thriller set in the UK. Pete Fairhurst is a former policeman who isn’t making much of a success of being a salesman. Out for a run, he discovers the body of his best friend, DI Jack McConnell, crushed under a fallen tree. Pete tries to put his emotions behind him and get on with his job, but Jack isn’t the sort of man to stay dead. Jack’s misdeeds and Pete’s past drag him into a world of corruption and organised crime that leaves him fighting just to stay alive.

I’m delighted with the response to it so far. People are saying “it’s a page-turner” and that they “couldn’t put it down”. You’ll be missing out if you don’t click right now to buy it!

Buy in paperback at Amazon

Buy the ebook for your Kindle at Amazon

eBooks for other eReaders available at Smashwords

An amusing aside: as the book publishing process completed I was in the US, and in that way that our brains link the strangest things together, this song’s ridiculous popularity has permanently attached itself to A Run Of Bad Luck in my head:


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