Underpants and Mobile Phones

It’s been a while now, but I was reminded this week of the uncomfortable day I had when I got changed after my cycle commute and discovered I’d forgotten something. Packing my work clothes in a hurry and in the dark I’d packed a pair of my wife’s knickers instead of my underpants. That left an awkward choice about what would be least uncomfortable, and I’m not telling what I chose!

Yesterday I came to work without my phone. I’m astounded by the level of attachment I’ve developed for it. Without it I had no Twitter, no email, no calendar, no music, no text messages, no idea even what time it was. I don’t carry a diary or a watch or even a notebook. My phone normally serves all those roles. Spending a day without my phone was about as uncomfortable as a day without underpants.

Of course the primary discomfort in not having pants on is the worry that someone else might notice. Without the phone, part of me was worrying that someone might have sent me something that I missed, and that they’d notice that I’d missed it.

I made it through the day without missing anything important, nobody had sent me an email that wasn’t immediately deleted, I even managed to get to the start of my 10 mile time-trial on time without the benefit of the clock on my phone. I have decided that a phone is just like a pair of underpants: I’m uncomfortable without it, but I don’t actually need it!

I’ve also decided that, despite my alarming dependency on the phone, just like my underpants, I have no intention of training myself to do without it.


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