Deadlines and Regrets

Dead On Time

Shooting for the Deadline

There hasn’t been a post here for a couple of weeks because I’ve been battling a self-imposed deadline on my latest novel. Spurred on by people who’ve read Walkers Creek demanding to know when the next book is going to be out, I’ve been killing off characters and word-count targets just as fast as I can.

It was thoughts of death and deadlines brought to mind this article: Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

A nurse who worked with the terminally ill has recorded the death bed regrets of her patients. What is interesting is the weight that it adds to the truism that you’ll end up regretting the things you didn’t do far more than the ones that you did.

For her patients, succumbing to a fear of change and a sense of obligation through their lives left them regretting the risks not taken and the missed chances for pleasure and happiness.

It is an interesting exercise to sit down and think about how you might look back on your life in years to come. Would you be pleased with the choices you’re making now, or will you be disappointed that you never created the opportunities for exciting things to happen?

Me? I hope Future Me will be pretty happy with the choices I’ve made. I’m always conscious, given the limited number of hours in the day, that every time I choose to do something, I’m choosing not to do something else. There will always be things I wished I’d spent more time on. My only hope is that, with the time that I have, I’ve shared it around as well as I can.

Deadline looming (albeit my own silly deadline), my writing is getting the lion’s share of my time. When the weather improves and the last bullet has streaked across the pages of this book, I’ll be putting the typewriter away and getting the bike out again. Basically, I’m being happy and not working too hard and doing my best not have any of those top 5 regrets.

Is there something you think you’ll regret on your deathbed? Don’t you think you should do something about it today?


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