Empty stomach, empty head

It’s that time. The festivities are over and thoughts turn to the waistline. At some point this year I hope to be able to get on a bicycle and ride quite fast. It’s going to be easier to do that if there’s less of me.

The trouble is, the process of actually losing weight is really quite unpleasant. Put simply, my strategy involves not quite eating enough. Currently my normal lunchtime sandwich has been replaced with a bag of fruit. It’s almost certainly better for me but the afternoons really drag.

The thing is, when I’m dieting, I’m hungry quite a lot. And when I’m hungry I can’t concentrate. My concentration level in the afternoons has got so poor that I can’t even sustain staring out of the window for more than a few seconds at a time. After a while my body will get the idea that it’s supposed to start burning some fat to keep me going and then I’ll perk up a bit. Until then I’m grumpy and easily distracted.

Still, the weather’s been quite nice lately hasn’t it? And that new series of Sherlock on the television, that’s great. Where did all the other good programmes go? I wonder if it’s nearly time for dinner yet. What was this blog post supposed to be about again?


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