How to Get More Readers for Your Blog

How many times have you seen a tempting link offering tips for success? Who wouldn’t follow that link for the end-of-the-rainbow that it promises? Of course the solution to life, the universe and everything isn’t there. It’s just a lame blog post with some rehash of a host of tips you’ve seen a hundred times before and which were just common sense in the first place.

It’s a devious trick. Writers in particular are vulnerable to this tactic. Aspiring writers are always seeking out the secrets to getting an audience for their writing or hoping to find the magic incantation that will make a publisher want to print their work. There are no shortcuts. The only answer is to put your bum on the chair and write something, and then to keep doing that a lot until you’ve written something really good.

But can you afford not to follow the link to a blog that claims to be:

  • How to get noticed by a publisher.
  • How to write a query letter.
  • How to make more money from your writing.
  • Making a success of independent publishing.

…or more threateningly…

  • The mistakes writers make in query letters.
  • Why most writers won’t get published.
  • Is self-publishing career suicide?

Tempting aren’t they? But they’re all drivel. A teasing, devious title to draw you in, and then no content at all worth speaking of. It’s a trick that works time and time again.

In fairness I should point out that blog writers don’t have a monopoly on taking advantage of writers’ insecurity. There are nearly as many books published on how to write as there are published writers. A special mention has to go to John Locke’s delightfully cynical How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months! which is, of course, a best-selling eBook.

I had planned that there would be some irony in the fact that I had headed this blog post with just the sort of misleading title that I was hoping to highlight. Unfortunately I find I’ve spoiled that by giving a perfectly good, if unforgivably devious tip to get more readers for your blog: Just give your blog post a title that offers writers an easier solution than actually writing. That you read this far is proof that it works!


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