Worn Out Shoes

Indignant. That’s the best word to describe how I felt when I realised that the bump in the back wheel wasn’t a stone wedged in the tread but was a huge hole in the tyre. Unbelievable. These tyres weren’t remotely worn out. There was still loads of tread on them. How could they fail me now?

Of course, after a bit of reflection I realised those were the tyres that came with the bike when I bought it a little over three years ago. I’d commuted on them almost daily down a stone strewn bridleway for all that time. No wonder they’re knackered.

Stuff catches you out like that in life. You think it’s all going swimmingly and then you realise that you’ve been taking things for granted and it all gets unexpectedly bumpy. Jobs, friendships, your own health, they all need a bit of looking after.

Of course this was my commuter bike whose whole purpose is to need the bare minimum attention. Everything else gets a lot more care.

Like last week which saw our fourteenth wedding anniversary. Now there’s a relationship that’s got plenty of tread left on it. All the same, it’s great to take some time out together, to have a date at the movies, to get out on the tandem. Putting some new tyres on before they’re needed.

As it was, that hole in the tyre wasn’t a disaster. The tube didn’t quite manage to poke out and I managed to bump my way home on my opposite-of-flat tyre. And I’m not exactly short of spare bikes to use until the fresh rubber arrives. So maybe I’m so bad at this maintenance thing after all. The commuter bike still gets a new pair of shoes before it really needs them.


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